Top 10 Reasons to wear your baby

There many benefits to wearing your baby and practicing attachment parenting. These are just some of the reasons to try baby wearing:

  1. Babies cry less. Studies have shown that babies who are worn approximately 3 hours a day cry 43% less than babies who are not.
  2. Mom gets more done. Most baby carriers, be it a sling, wrap, pouch or soft-structured carrier, allow mom to be hands free. This means being able to do household chores, run errands or tend to your toddler.
  3. Improved mental development in your baby. Babies who are worn spend more time in a quiet-alert state, all the while at eye level with the rest of the world, allowing the mind to absorb what it sees and hears.
  5. Baby feels more secure, resulting in a well adjusted and “calm” toddler later to become an independent child.
  6. Helps moms deal with the Baby Blues. The contact with your baby fosters bonding and helps regulate hormonal peaks and valleys in the early weeks after birth.
  7. Babies sleep better at night. Due to the prolonged contact during the day, baby is more willing and able to be “apart” from mom at night.
  8. Babies who are worn in infancy tend to talk earlier as a toddler. By spending more time at eye level, babies observe and absorb language skills.
  9. Allows mom to breastfeed hands free. This takes some practice, but once mastered can be a great tool in a pinch.
  10. Helps reduce infant acid reflux. When worn tummy to tummy babies are less likely to have fluid rise into the esophagus after eating.

I enjoy the closeness and bonding that comes from wearing my daughter, even now at 20 months old. I know she enjoys it too, she brings me our Ergo Baby to go for a ride everyday!

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  1. kristy says:

    I have the moby wrap.. baby wearing is great! I can shop and do all sorts of things, without her minding a bit!! My daughter just loves it.. I’m biased to the moby wrap, because it’s the only wrap i’ve used.. compared to other ones it doesn’t make my back hurt as bad!

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