3 Day Sleep Solution Review

As you can probably assume from the image I have chosen for my review of the 3 Day Sleep Solution program, this is yet another sleep training course using the “cry it out” method. Before I get on my soap box about why allowing your child to “cry it out” is not something I endorse or practice in any way shape or form, I will attempt to review the 3 Day Sleep Solution as objectively... read more

“The No Cry Sleep Solution” Review

Sleep deprivation is quite possibly the most challenging aspect of parenting. If your child is not sleeping that means you are not sleeping. This is a very slippery slope that I have had some hard core, first hand experience with. My daughter was not a “sleeper”. The first few weeks were okay. Like many newborns, Evalee slept more than she was awake and she managed to get her days and nights... read more