Attachment Parenting Element #2 – Belief in Your Baby’s Cries

Somewhere along the line, modern day parents were told that when a baby was crying it was to manipulate rather than to communicate. I am sure if I dug deep enough, I could find the source of this ridiculous information but it would only upset me, so why bother. Such a complete disregard for common sense is mind boggling. Bottom line, a baby cries for a reason. That reason could be hunger, sleepiness, pain... read more

Attachment Parenting Element #1 – Birth Bonding

In many ways, attachment parenting does not mesh well with our modern society. Being pregnant and giving birth are treated like serious medical conditions when in fact pregnancy and giving birth are very natural states and experiences. C-section rates are climbing by the day as more and more parents are convinced that it is the safer way to go in the face of “complications”. But before I go off... read more