My Second Birth Story

So, my “due date” of December 18th came and went much to all of our surprise considering that Evalee came a week “early”. Plus, I was carrying MUCH bigger this time around, much more out front so to speak… My mom had already been here for a week or so, helping me get some much needed rest, cleaning and preparing food for the freezer. Every morning we woke up wondering when... read more

Is it really illegal to have a homebirth in New York State?

When I became pregnant with my first child, Evalee (now 3) I was told that home births were essentially illegal in New York State. A very dear friend of mine who is also an nurse told me this awful story… Back in the early nineties (I think) a young couple were planning a home birth with their OB/GYN. The pregnancy was going along just fine but at about 36 weeks or so the OB saw something that was... read more