Breast milk but not breastfeeding?

So a few weeks ago my parents were visiting and as usual my mom brought me her back issues of Time magazine. Ordinarily I don’t find an article worth writing about but this was just too interesting not to share. Apparently there are a group of moms who choose to pump and bottle feed their babies rather than nurse them. These moms recognize the overwhelming benefits of breast milk…but for one... read more

Attachment Parenting Element #3 – Breastfeed Your Baby

As we continue to discuss the 7 baby “B’s” of attachment parenting as defined by Dr. Sears in The Baby Book we come to #3… Breastfeed Your Baby “The benefits of breastfeeding in enhancing baby’s health and development are enormous, but what is not fully appreciated are the magnificent effects of breastfeeding on the mother.” – Dr. Sears Here’s whats in... read more

Breast Feeding The Second Time Around…

I have to admit that I thought breastfeeding my second child was going to be like riding a bike, you just get on and go…not so much. For starters, Jeremiah seemed more interested in cooing and “talking” when he was first born, unlike his sister who latched right on as soon as the breast was presented to her. It was unbelievable, he just talked and talked for a solid hour after his birth.... read more

A Check List For Moms New To Breastfeeding

Being a new mom is a real challenge especially when trying to learn the art of breastfeeding. I remember waking up one morning, my daughter was a whole four days old and suddenly I was built like Dolly Parton! My breasts had just about doubled in size and were leaking breast milk. Talk about a new experience. I had purchased a few nursing tank tops but that was about it. You could definitely say I was... read more

Breastfeeding – Not always easy but worth it

I consider myself to be a middle of the road breastfeeding advocate. “What does that mean?” you may ask. I guess it means that I fully support moms who choose to breastfeed and all of the issues surrounding it, but I don’t agree with all of the information I have been exposed to. I remember reading in one of my numerous pregnancy/breastfeeding/ parenting books that to breastfeed is a... read more