Review – The Baby Book by Dr. Sears

There are three things I always give as a baby shower gift: A Sleepy Baby Wrap Carrier, a copy of Elizabeth Pantley’s The No-Cry Sleep Solution and a copy of Dr. Sears The Baby Book. These three items, collectively, made my first months as a new and clueless young mom much, much easier.

I often refer to Dr. Sears The Baby Book as my parenting bible for those initial two years. Like it says on the cover :”Everything You Need To Know About Your Baby – From Birth to Age Two”, and that is the truth.

The Baby Book has a total of 741 pages broken into 28 chapters, all organized in a logical and easy to read format with little boxes of tips as well as stories about real parents from the Sears family practice.

The chapters are organized into the following “parts”:

  • Part 1 – Getting Started: Baby Care Basics
    With a total of 7 chapters within this “part”, the Sears’ cover attachment parenting, tips for have a positive and safe birth, how to prepare for those important decisions after you baby is born (breast vs bottle, circumcised or intact), bonding with your newborn as well as things as simple as diapering and bathing.
  • Part 2 – Infant Feeding & Nutrition
    This title kinds says it all but for the sake of the review…this is where Sears dives deeper into breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, when-what-how to introduce solids and how to feed a picky toddler.
  • Part 3 – Contemporary Parenting
    One of things I really like about the Sears approach is they are very flexible and do not make parents feel guilty for not practicing AP to the minute detail. Within these chapters they address how to balance our busy modern life with the philosophy of attachment parenting and help you find where your family falls.
  • Part 4 – Infant Development & Behavior
    These six chapters are chock full of fantastic information that simply applies to babies, regardless of your parenting style. With chapter titles like “Growing together – enjoying your baby’s developmental stages” and “Bothersome but Normal Toddler Behaviors” any parent can benefit.
  • Part 5 – Keeping Your Baby Safe and Healthy
    In these final four chapters you will read about babyproofing, immunizations, self-help home care and first aid procedures.

All in all, as you can plainly see, this truly is an all in one baby and parenting resource. With the exception of “The No Cry Sleep Solution” and maybe The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Baby Book is the ONLY baby book you will ever need.

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  2. sp0808 says:

    this is one of my most cherished books! every new mother should have it on hand!

  3. I love this pic of cute little baby booties. I can almost smell powder and baby lotion and feel their cute little toes.

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    Great site. Just reviewed you at Link Referral!

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