Pros and cons of using sign language with your child – 2

I thought I would give you an update on Evalee’s language development over the last few months…

Her overall vocabulary has hit a streak in the last few weeks, she has definitely turned a corner and is communicating verbally a lot more. For example, the pointing and grunting has reduced significantly or if she does start that I can prompt a response and 9 times out of 10 I’ll get one.

She will still default to the signs out of reflex but is vocalizing at the same time. For example, I’ll get a “peeze” and the sign for please at the same time. I am surprised at some the sounds she is forming, sounds that are usually more difficult for her age. She has no problem with “s”, “j”, “r”, even “w”. Her library so far is: juice, milk, please, more, cheese, whale, kitty, geese, bowl, Mom, Dad, Pop Pop, Mom Mom, Bubba, Asta, LaLa, Zion, Sadie (all of our pets) and we are getting through most of the alphabet.

Did signing with her have anything to do with any of this, honestly I can’t say. All I know is I am SO glad the pointing, grunting and frustration is starting to fade. I would love to hear from you about your personal experience with your child’s language development. I think it would be a great resource for all the other parents out there.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Hello Jessica, my name is Tanya and I’m a asl instructor specializing with babies. I read your ezine article and I’m glad to know that your baby is starting to speak and sign at the same time, this is really great and from what I read your bond with your child has grown stronger as most parents do when they sign with their children. Always glad to know that more parents are signing to communicate with their children. Let me know if I assist you in anything or any of your readers.

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