How To Eat Green On A Budget

If only eating organic and green were as easy as buying organic, shopping at your local farmer’s market or using a reusable shopping bag. Although that is a fantastic start there are a number of ways that you can shop, cook and eat out that can have an enormous impact on our environment.

Here are 5 tips to help cut down your carbon footprint and well as fuel your body with the best food possible, without breaking the bank.

  1. Boil Once – Cook Twice.
    Use the residual heat from your pasta water to poach shrimp or vegetables. When you strain the noodles, have a pot below to catch the water, add your shrimp or veggies, cover with a lid and either allow it to rest or turn the flame back on . Either way, you are conserving water and energy.
  2. Leave the Oven Door Shut!
    Every time you peek in the oven, it loses 25 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Roast A Whole Chicken.
    We do this at least once a week in our house. First, we make an amazing roast chicken dinner with seasonal vegetables and potatoes all in the same pan making is a “one pot” meal. Then, we clean the remaining meat off the carcass and either make chicken salad or soup. The carcass can then be used to make a beautiful stock for your soup or to use in other dishes such as risotto or stir fry. Plus, you are avoiding the processing and packaging involved with all of this cooking.
  4. Find The Bulk Bins.
    Conventional supermarkets and leaning more and more to a bulk section where you can purchase various dry goods such as oats, pasta, nuts and various other grains. This way you avoid the packaging (you can reuse plastic bags you bring from home) and you can buy just what you need. Plus, item in bulk bins tend to be less processed.
  5. Be Your Own Barista.
    Coffee is a really big deal in our house. This Christmas I surprised my husband with a fancy, commercial grade Breville Espresso Machine. I scored a refurbished one for relatively cheap on otherwise we could never afford it. But you don’t have to go that far to turn your coffee ritual green…how about using a French press? Or buy certified organic coffee beans and grind your own. Or, if you just have to have your local cafe’s special blend, bring your own eco-friendly, travel mug. Most places will gladly allow you to use your own and save them some money in packaging along the way.

These tips are just the beginning…

Over the course of the coming weeks I will be adding to this list to help you live well, eat well and live green. Any suggestions? Please feel free to leave them below.

2 Responsesto “How To Eat Green On A Budget”

  1. Sonya says:

    Love your ideas! I snagged a Betty Crocker Turbo Cooker at a garage sale for $5.00. It cooks faster than a my conventional oven and doesn’t heat up the house while I’m cooking. You can cook multiple items with the wire rack stacker and clean-up is really easy. Now if I could just find one of those Breville espresso machines at a garage sale. . . :)

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