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Is my toddler ready to drop her nap?

I pose this question because it is one I am dealing with at the moment. Literally, at this very moment I can hear my little Evalee talking and singing to herself when she should be fast asleep. I put her down for her nap almost two hours ago. At this point, she should be getting up. Now what? Nap time is precious time, not only for our toddlers but also for us as moms. It is not an easy thing to see go. I... read more

Why Do They Call it the “Terrible Twos”

Why does everyone call it the terrible twos when it seems to kick in around 18-19months?  Evalee just turned 20 months on the 15th and it almost seems like it was overnight that she really started to push her limits. Now everything is a test of wills, be it meal time, bath time or time to change activities in general.  I have read the Happiest Toddler on the Block, which is a good book with a lot of... read more