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Attachment Parenting Element #1 – Birth Bonding

In many ways, attachment parenting does not mesh well with our modern society. Being pregnant and giving birth are treated like serious medical conditions when in fact pregnancy and giving birth are very natural states and experiences. C-section rates are climbing by the day as more and more parents are convinced that it is the safer way to go in the face of “complications”. But before I go off... read more

The Seven Core Elements Of Attachment Parenting

If you were to ask three different attachment parenting moms to give their definition of attachment parenting you would most likely hear three different answers. How you choose to parent your child is not only a very personal choice but also a very “touchy” or sensitive subject as well. No one wants to hear or be told that their choices are wrong in any way causing emotional harm to their... read more

The Green Mom Pregnancy Diet – 1st Trimester

I don’t know about you, but for me…the first trimester sucks! I am tired all the time and have that underlying feeling of nausea all day, but yet I am hungry too. If you think about it, its kinda cruel. Plus, who the hell came up with the term “Morning Sickness”? I feel sick all day long. So, if you are like me and are “green” all the time those first 16 weeks or so,... read more

Review – The Baby Book by Dr. Sears

There are three things I always give as a baby shower gift: A Sleepy Baby Wrap Carrier, a copy of Elizabeth Pantley’s The No-Cry Sleep Solution and a copy of Dr. Sears The Baby Book. These three items, collectively, made my first months as a new and clueless young mom much, much easier. I often refer to Dr. Sears The Baby Book as my parenting bible for those initial two years. Like it says on the... read more

How To Balance Work & Attachment Parenting

“Your baby is due in a few weeks, and you have begun your maternity leave. As you clean out your desk, you wonder “Will I ever return? Should I return? Do I have to? Do I want to?” – Excerpt from The Baby Book For the many women in this quandary who do NOT have a choice and must return to work after six weeks, here are some suggestions to help you balance work and being an attached... read more

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