A Check List For Moms New To Breastfeeding

Being a new mom is a real challenge especially when trying to learn the art of breastfeeding.

I remember waking up one morning, my daughter was a whole four days old and suddenly I was built like Dolly Parton! My breasts had just about doubled in size and were leaking breast milk. Talk about a new experience.

I had purchased a few nursing tank tops but that was about it. You could definitely say I was unprepared.

So, to save you the discomfort and embarrassment I had to deal with, here is a list of supplies you’ll need as a new breastfeeding momma:

  • At least three nursing bras. – Try not to be tempted by the fancier lacy types and stay away from underwire. I went with Bravado because they were super supportive, easy to wash and breathable cotton.
  • Nursing pads and burp cloths. – Nursing pads are good for during the day and after your flow regulates. Over the first few weeks, you are going to be producing WAY more milk then your little one can drink especially at night. Unless you plan to pump a lot throughout the night I would suggest using a burp cloth or pre-fold cloth diaper across your chest under your nighttime nursing bra to help prevent leaks.
  • Nursing pajamas – Some moms just alter old T-shirts to wear at night for nursing but I wanted something a little nicer than a cut up shirt. There are a lot of lovely gowns and two piece sets that are super comfy and designed specifically for nighttime feedings. I prefer the cross/wrap style that you just pull to the side rather than the style with an over shirt with an under layer that has slits. These can be really clumsy to use in the fog of sleep. You can also forgo clothing at all and just sleep bare with a towel under you to catch leaks. Whatever works for you.
  • A nursing pillow – When I first saw a Boppy pillow I thought ” what a joke” but I take that back. I used my Boppy pillow a lot those newborn months. But, you don’t use it to support your baby, you use it to support your arms or to assist with different holds such as the football hold.
  • A breast pump – For working moms a good pump is essential but even if you are a SAHM a pump is nice to have when you need it. There are several pumps on the market and I will review the various styles in another article. For now, just ask around and see what others recommend.
  • Lanolin salve – This stuff was a life saver for me. Evalee had a VERY strong latch and I foolishly allowed her to nurse as long as she wanted the first few days and paid the price. My nipples got pretty beat up. A small tube of Lansinoh lanolin salve healed me right up and was safe for Evalee to “consume”. There is a small possibility for an allergic reaction to lanolin so just buy one small tube to start. I am still trying to find a good alternative solution for those with a lanolin allergy.
  • Mother’s Milk Tea – This is great to drink if you are having supply issues. After two days of just colostrum I decided to drink some of this tea given to me as a gift and whammo, day four, tons of milk. Maybe it was just a coincidence but I don’t think so. There was a point, around month four or so that my supply seemed to lessen due to stress (sleep deprivation) so I drank this a few times a day for two days and my supply came back like gangbusters.

Any fellow breastfeeding mommas out there that have some other suggestions, please leave them below.

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  1. The Alagad support your program.
    Breastfeeding is nature’s way to nourish and protect young infants. The many benefits of exclusive breastfeeding to the child specifically in the first six (6) months are irreplaceable.

  2. Diane says:

    I’m nowhere near needing this, but it seems like a great basic starter list of advice! Thanks!!

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